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Segmenting Your Social Media Audiences for More Targeted Posts

Social media is an interesting paradox. On one hand, it’s really easy to use, and its strength lies in the fact that almost anyone can use it. (Not everyone should, mind you, but there’s nothing we can do to stop that!) On the other hand, though, to do it well, to stand out from the crowd and make sure your message gets heard. . . .

“Nobody Reads What We Write”: A Common Complaint Of Those Working In Church Communication

No matter what technology we use in church communication: print bulletins, multimedia announcements, websites, social media, a complaint I’ve heard for years and still...

How to Make a WordPress Website

Setting up a website using WordPress is relatively easy. Here's a You Tube video that shows you how. It's gotten more than 6 million views.

Your Complete Guide to Podcasting

One of the most popular posts on my blog was one I shared 10 years ago about podcasting for churches. Since that time much has...

Should Facebook Be Allowed to Use Facial Recognition Software on You Without Permission?

Facebook has the ability to use facial recognition software to tag you in photos. Unfortunately, not just your photos, but any photo anyone places on Facebook at any time. This means even street shots, security camera or pictures posted by strangers.

The Internet Is Making Us Angry, Thoughtless, and Less Truthful

The internet can be a wonderful thing. When used rightly, it can be a tool to spread the glory of God.

5 Tips to Creating Landing Pages for Your Church Website

Here are the important components to use to maximize your chances of search engines finding you.

A Surprising Discussion on Email to Staff in their Off-Hours

To protect our time with our family, we need to set a corporate culture where it’s okay to ignore phone calls and text messages and emails— even when they’re from those we work with and for— after work hours!

Is Your Technology Use Hurting Your Church

What are the negative effects of technology in church? These days, we have everything at our fingertips. Answers to any question are just a Google search away.

How DO You Communicate With Your Congregation Today?

Communication is very important for any church. Members need to know what is going on at their church.

How to Market Your Church for Growth Using Social Media

Understand WHY social media works, and use your imagination. Remember, people want the perception that they can be involved in the conversation.

Want to Start a Livestream: Here’s What You Need to Know

Live streaming of worship services is growing.  No longer do churches have to buy expensive air time from television stations for a one-time broadcast.

How to Overcome the Hardest Part of Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant

If you’re dying to find someone great who can take the whole Facebook ad thing off of your plate, then there’s only ONE true challenge that you need to overcome.

Using Custom Snapchat Filters For Your Ministry

Is your ministry on Snapchat? Have you created a filter? What’s worked best for you?

How Your Church Can Use Technology To Promote Easter Sunday

The Apostle Paul talked about how he “became all things to all people that he might win some” Let his words challenge you this Easter season to use every technological and human tool you have to share Jesus and the joy of His resurrection.

What Google Knows About Being Human

As we start 2018, the world is asking perhaps the most important question, “How to move forward?” The church has the answer that we all are searching for.

4 Reasons We Created a Facebook Group

Why would we take the time to create a group, invest in this small community, and promote it? Here are four reasons.

The Second Renaissance; Is the Church Ready?

The events that have occurred over the course of the 20th century and continue to occur through the 21st century are events that have transpired within a lifetime, but will impact the World for lifetimes to come.

Daniel Im: How Not To Let the Consumers Drive the Strategy...

Daniel Im joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain how pastors can lead more effectively in a “post-everything” world and why their communities contain more than just the non-Christians and the Christians.

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