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Eric Geiger: How to Reach the iGeneration

What does research tell us about iGeneration? Jean Twenge’s book, iGen, is a very insightful and thoughtful read, based on extensive research over several years.

Sermon Sharing Advice – How to Reach an Audience

The best possible sermon sharing advice is simply this: put your message out there in as many ways as possible.

3 Features of a Great Web Address for Your Church

What difference could a domain name make? Very simply, a great web address is your church’s digital front door that people have to enter through with a tap, or a click—and it represents their first experience with your church.

5 Ways to Increase Online Engagement

If you are like most pastors, you know that your church needs multiple ways to connect and engage with new and returning visitors. An excellent website is a must to cast your church’s vision, provide relevant information, stream services, and accept donations.

What Is the Very First Impression of Your Church?

Now more than ever, people are looking for spiritual connections online, just like every other aspect of their life. Understanding how people are searching for new church communities is essential to attracting new members and growing your ministry.

12 Awesome Online Easter Service Ideas That Make An Impact

Last year, many churches did Easter online for the first time. Since it was new and rushed we didn’t put our best foot forward....

Water Cooler Conversations — Remotely?

Let’s focus on how to have those comfortable and helpful water cooler conversations with team members who work at a different location.

Communication Strategy: Start Small, Reach Big

What if we were approaching our communication strategy with the right intent but the wrong method? What if there was a better way emerging to reach our people and move them toward engagement?

WordPress Stands Strong As The Best CMS Choice

There are over 45,000 WordPress plugins and thousands of themes, allowing users to create any type of website and customize it to their liking.

3 Words to Evaluate Your Social Media Presence

Information, celebration and inspiration are types of posts, or categories that should drive engagement.

Marketing Is Not a Bad Word

In a church or ministry setting, marketing is really about making a straight path for the gospel (John 1:23).

How To Turn Online Minefields Into Mission Fields

“Instead of serving up the greasy gossip of our typical online diet, the church should provide good news that brings nourishment."

This Summer, Make the Most of Ministry Photo Opportunities

This summer, take advantage of photo opportunities to promote your church. There are plenty of tools that can help.

Facebook Messenger Bots: A Short Guide for Churches

Even though Messenger Bots have been around for a while, there are still some early adoption benefits to be had for churches.

I Notcied a Typo inn the Bullitin: Let’s Talk About Making Mistakes

Church communicators work out in the open: we write web copy, bulletin announcements, social media posts, and mass emails. Sometimes we make a mistake.

Don’t Let Anyone Else Write Your Story

When we quit, we allow other people to write our and we give them a “co-write” on our life. We lose some of our creative potential.

A Challenge to Create Word Pictures with Meaning Instead of Banal, Trivial, and Mostly Useless Content

Please go to it and create worthwhile images that share God's Word and worthwhile challenges that go beyond entertainment to help us grow in Christian discipleship.

The Power of Facebook Events

Many churches have realized the ubiquity of Facebook. It is a place where grandmothers and teens alike hang out.

Supporting Your Volunteers

This past spring, in southern Ohio, was something to reckon with. We had such a huge swing back and forth of warm and freezing...

Mark Yarhouse: How Pastors Can Address Gender Identity With Compassion, Civility,...

Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how pastors can engage people in the area of gender identity with wisdom and compassion while holding to their convictions.

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