How to Protect Your Life and Ministry from Burnout With Juanita Campbell Rasmus

Juanita Campbell Rasmus discusses warning signs that pastors and ministry leaders are spread too thin, as well as ways to stay centered in Christ and avoid burnout—or maybe tapping out of ministry altogether.

Affliction Was Necessary To Me

Martin Luther wrote from an intense personal experience when he addressed the topic of enduring trials, testing, and affliction.

Podcast Special: Paul Miller on Living in the Tension Between Pastors, Patriots, and Politics

Paul Miller joins Jason Daye on the FrontStage BackStage podcast to explore patriotism, Christian Nationalism, politics in general, and what it looks like to minister in the midst of all these tensions in which we find ourselves today. @pastorserve

How to Reboot the Discipleship Culture in Your Church With Dennis Allen

Every pastor in every church would love to become better at disciple-making. Yet, we don't always recognize what hinders us from doing so. In this conversation, Jason Daye and Dennis Allen discuss how to foster a culture of effective disciple-making. @pastorserve

Elijah the Prophet: What We Can Learn From His Mental Health

Many spiritual leaders in the Bible struggled to obtain victory while serving faithfully. The story of Elijah the Prophet is just one case study model for ministry. Many pastors and church leaders can learn a valuable lesson on self-care and God’s provision to take care of His own.

Shattered Innocence: Childhood Sexual Abuse and How the Church Can Help

Research from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that one in six boys and one in four girls are sexually abused by the age of 18. That's a devastating reality; here's how the Church can step up for these children.

Podcast Special: Sharon Hodde Miller on Craving Control, Anxiety, and Pastor Burnout

In this conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Sharon Hodde Miller. They discuss our cravings for control and look at healthy ways to avoid anxiety, broken relationships, and even pastor burnout. @pastorserve

Recovery from Sexual Trauma: What Every Counselor Needs to Know

Survivors of sexual assault are breaking the silence that has bound them with shame. Christian counselors may have an influx of counselees with a background of sexual trauma. We need to be prepared. @theaacc

Podcast Special: Max Lucado on How the Holy Spirit Empowers Your Life and Ministry

In this conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye talks with Max Lucado about the amazing power, strength, purpose, and blessing of the Holy Spirit in our ministries and lives. @PastorServe

Podcast Special: Dave Ferguson Gives 4 Habits for Healthy, Lasting Ministry

What are some of the practices that we can embrace as ministry leaders that will help sustain our joy through both the highs and lows of ministry? Join Dave Ferguson for a candid, backstage conversation.

Why Do We Commit Sexual Sin?

Conservative estimates indicate three to six percent of adults are involved in some form of compulsive sexual behavior. This equates to seven to 14 million adults who are creating untold damage in their marriages and families through sexual sin. But why?

Creating Healing Spaces for Those Affected by Race-Based Trauma

Every ethnic minority group in the United States has a story to tell and experiences to share concerning racism and discrimination. If you feel led to create a safe space for those affected by race-based trauma, consider the following steps before moving forward.

Not Easily Broken: Trauma Bonds and the Road to Healing

Recently, the mental health community has focused on understanding a phenomenon known as trauma bonds. This interest is mostly due to our efforts to better understand and treat interpersonal violence victims, such as domestic violence and human trafficking. Here's why it matters in ministry.

The Path Forward: Personal Reflections on Healing and Recovery from Trauma

Recovery from trauma requires that we consistently focus our brains’ attention on that which contributes to the reversal of our trauma.

Five Facts About America’s Broken Mental Health-Care System

Did you know the average age of onset for mental illnesses is 14? This is not when individuals are diagnosed, but looking back, this is the average age when many begin struggling.

2 Ways to Conquer the Stresses and Anxieties of Life

Here are two ways the Lord is teaching me to deal with the stresses my life brings, big or small.

The Life of Job: Multiple Losses, Grief, and Recovery

Grief is a universal human experience. Everyone experiences loss and, therefore, grief. However, there is relatively little understanding of “how” one should go about grieving.

Preparing the Church: How to Assist Those in Crisis, Trauma, and Recovery

When a crisis or tragic event takes place, churchgoers ask, “What can I do to help?” We can empower congregants by helping them identify and utilize the tools they have as Christians. God is at work within every Christian, preparing them to help others.

Childhood Trauma: Developmentally Appropriate and Trauma-Informed Interventions

When treating kids with trauma, I remember these two crucial elements: therapeutic relationships are essential, and being developmentally appropriate is honoring. For the sake of children, let’s join in the play.

The Church and Mental Illness: We Are Called to Care

For many, a mental illness—theirs or a loved one’s—cuts right into the way they see themselves, God, and their community of faith. Here are ways people need the Church to step up and connect.

Johnny Hunt Sues SBC and Guidepost, Demanding Trial by Jury, Calls...

Former SBC pastor and denominational leader Johnny Hunt filed a lawsuit on Friday (Mar. 17) against the SBC, the SBC Executive Committee, and Guidepost Solutions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Greg Laurie: How Churches Can Use ‘Jesus Revolution’ for Evangelism

Greg Laurie appears on the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the true events behind his new movie, “Jesus Revolution,” and how churches can use the film to spread the gospel.