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37 Free Bible-Based Sunday School Lessons for Kids

sunday school lessons for kids

For years, churchleaders.com has partnered with amazing resource providers to give you free Sunday school lessons for kids as downloads. In this article, we’ve compiled our 37 favorite Bible lessons for kids. Read on to find…

10 Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

  1. The Rocks Cry Out Engage your kids in Palm Sunday with this simple science experiment using rocks.
  2. How to Train Your Attitude is a Bible lessons for kids package to help kids have the right attitude in all situations.
  3. Prayer Warriors is a Sunday school lesson for kids package based on 1 Chronicles 29:3-13, 20-28 which is David’s Prayer.
  4. Toy Box is a 12-week curriculum based on stuffed animals and asks the question: What do we do when we’re scared?
  5. Bad Guys of the Bible will help kids learn what the Bible says about how to stand against those who oppose God’s way.
  6. Monsters teaches kids to trust God when they’re afraid of scary things.
  7. Glow in the Dark helps kids learn about Jesus–the light of the world and that they can glow in the dark with the brightness that Jesus brings.
  8. Animal Safari helps kids take a wild adventure through the Bible to learn about the pitfalls of pride.
  9. Honesty is a four-week curriculum that teaches kids that a lie is a lie–no matter how small.
  10. Cooking With Jesus is a creative way to teach kids that when we look to Jesus and follow His recipe, we are sure to cook up something amazing.

Even MORE Sunday School Lessons for Kids

  1. At the Beach is a fun Bible lesson for kids to teach kids to spend time with the “Son.”
  2. Video Games teaches kids that some things are not compatible with the Christian life. Make sure to check out these fun Bible games for kids for more fun!
  3. Sharing is a 4-week preschool ministry curriculum that’ll help kids learn to share stuff with their friends–like the widow in 1 Kings 17 shared her food with Elijah.
  4. Emotions is based on James 1:19-27 and teaches kids that they can be slow to anger so their emotions don’t get out of control.
  5. Experiments in Faith focuses on how God created the heavens and the earth. And that pure science will always point us back to our loving Creator.
  6. Angry Words shows that Words are powerful things. Our words can heal or they can destroy. Kids will learn that God wants us to use our words in constructive ways and not to speak out in anger.
  7. Pets focuses on how pets are precious to us. They were all created by God, and each has unique qualities and characteristics. We can learn from our pets some of the characteristics that we need to have for a Godly life.
  8. Messy is 4 fun Sunday school lessons for kids about trusting God when life gets messy. Lesson 1 is all about messy lies. Kids will learn how lies can make a mess in their lives based on the story of when Abraham lies about Sarah. Genesis 20.
  9. Finding Jesus shows that the sea contains many wondrous sights created by God. When we go under the sea and take a closer look, we see that the sea has much to teach us about God. Dolphins are very social animals talking with one another through vocal clicks and non-verbal behaviors. Kids will learn that when we know Jesus, we should be vocal about it – talking about Jesus with others.
  10. Candy Bar Sunday school lessons will help kids learn that we can be truly satisfied with Jesus.

And MORE Sunday School Lessons for Kids

  1. Awesome Easter! It’s incredible. Unbelievable. Amazing. Awesome. What Jesus did for us on the cross is so much bigger and more magnificent than any words could adequately describe.
  2. Heaven and Nature Sing will help kids learn that the good news of Christmas pushes away our fear and worry.
  3. Diary of a Godly Kid: Thanksgiving Edition will help kids learn that sometimes we make mistakes. Huge mistakes. But with God, it’s never too late to move in a new direction.
  4. Dinosaurs will help kids learn through the story of David that God’s love makes us strong.
  5. Clash of the Kingdoms will help kids learn that the Israelites had a mighty army, but the city of Jericho had an impenetrable wall protecting it. Then God stepped in and brought the walls tumbling down. Kids will learn that when we obey God, he can bring down the obstacles that stand in our way.
  6. Some Assembly Required will teach kids that God wants to build something awesome with their lives.
  7. Happy Campers will help kids learn that we’ve been called to make sure people catch the good news of Jesus.
  8. Missions: Kids Around the World is all about Saul’s conversion and Haiti. Kids will learn that just like God changed Saul’s heart, he is still changing people’s hearts all over the world in places like Haiti through missionaries.
  9. Kids of the Bible will help kids learn that God has a plan for their lives right now.
  10. When I Grow Up will help kids learn that just like police officers protect others they can can grow up to protect others too. Kids will study the story of Nehemiah 4, where Nehemiah protects the people as they rebuild the wall.
  11. Journey to Bethlehem will lead kids to follow the star to Bethlehem this Christmas. Week 1 is all about Joseph. Joseph didn’t believe Mary.  But when an angel spoke to Joseph in a dream, Joseph listened. He took a leap of faith and learned that trusting God, even when it doesn’t make sense, is always right.
  12. Turkey Tales is Sunday school lessons for kids about doing everything without complaining. Week 1 is all about the Israelites complaining at the Red Sea.  God had just freed His people from their slavery in Egypt. They respond by complaining constantly. Kids will learn to trust God instead of complaining.
  13. Say Thank You teaches kids to live with an attitude of gratitude.  Week 1 is all about being thankful for friends. A true friend is someone to thank and be thankful for. Kids will learn to show friends appreciation through their words and actions. Based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.
  14. Farmer’s Market Fruit of the Spirit: Love will help kids learn to love others, even those who are different, through the parable of the Good Samaritan. Based on Luke 10:25-37.
  15. Unfrozen is Sunday school lessons for kids about Christmas that teaches kids that Jesus was born to melt away the old, and bring new life and a new kingdom.  Week 1 is all about Isaiah, and how he told the people that one day God would establish a new kingdom without end.
  16. John 3:16 is an entire Bible lesson for kids with an icebreaker, memory verse, skit, object lesson, lesson, discussion, game and take-home activity.
  17. Easter Sunday School Lesson for Kids: Washed Clean involves a simple chemical reaction to help engage your students in the Easter story.

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