100 Bible Games (with Videos) Kids Will Love in Sunday School

bible games

Check out these Bible games for kids! Kids love playing these Bible games in your Sunday school, midweek program, children’s church, or even at home. We scoured the internet (and Pinterest) for the very best Bible games–and by that we mean active, fun, and meaningful! Your kids will love these 100 Bible games!

Bible games

Bible Games for Kids

Animals on the Ark Bible Game
Kids find their animal partner by making animal noises. (video tutorial)

Belly Laugh
This silly Bible game called “Belly Laugh” reminds kids that God loves a joyful heart.

Carry the Ark Game
Kids play this relay Bible game to learn about 2 Samuel 6.

Cord of Three Strands Game
Kids will play this Bible game to learn how they need each other. (video tutorial)

Daniel, the Lion and the King
Kids play this Bible game to learn more about Daniel in the lion’s den. (video tutorial)

Fishing for Men Game
Kids play this Bible game to learn how Jesus wants them to reach others.

Floor Is Lava
Tie this Bible game into Matthew 4:1-4 and 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Fruit of the Spirit Game
Kids play this fun Bible game to learn the fruit of the Spirit. (video tutorial)

Focus Game
Kids play this Bible game to see that God’s blessings are everywhere.

Gratitude Game
Kids play this Bible game to give thanks to God.

Human Knot Game
Kids form a knot to learn that they work together in the Body of Christ. (video tutorial)

I Need a Savior Tag
Kids play this Bible game to help kids see that they need Jesus. (video tutorial)

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