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Ideas for Children’s Church: 10 Bible-Based Topics to Explore

6. Heaven

Like adults, children are curious about heaven and what it will be like. Paint a biblical picture of heaven for young learners while presenting the salvation message.

7. Miracles

When choosing ideas for children’s church, emphasize the majesty and awesomeness of our great God. Miracles are ideal for that, as you describe the wonders Jesus and his followers performed in his name.

8. Fear

As children grow and change, so do their fears and worries. Use Scripture and the experiences of people in the Bible to assure children that God is always with them and lovingly protects them.

9. Caring

Help children’s church worshipers discover the importance of following Jesus by caring for and sharing with others. A lifestyle of service and outreach can begin at a young age. So look for practical ways children can live out their faith within the church and community.

10. God’s promises

Another great addition to the list of ideas for children’s church is the many promises God makes—and keeps—to his people. In your lessons, point out all the examples of God’s faithfulness throughout the Bible. Then be sure to make connections to children’s daily lives. That way, they can see how God keeps his promises to them, too.

What ideas for children’s church do you recommend?

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