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Ideas for Children’s Church: 10 Bible-Based Topics to Explore

ideas for children's church

When most people think about ideas for children’s church, the first things that come to mind tend to be “classic” Old Testament stories on Noah and the ark, Jonah and the big fish, Daniel in the lions’ den, and so on. But Bible lessons for kids can extend far beyond these beloved accounts of biblical heroes and adventures.

In fact, almost all Bible study topics and themes can be adapted into age-appropriate ideas for children’s church. God’s Word speaks eternal truth to everyone, whether young or old, new believer or seasoned Christian.

No matter if you’re teaching preschoolers, conducting ministry to youth, or holding virtual classes for homebound church members, many ideas for children’s church work well for all learners. With Bible lessons for kids, just keep in mind children’s ages, developmental stage and attention levels.

Get started with these 10 ideas for children’s church:

1. Love

More than ever, children today need to hear that God loves them unconditionally and that God is love (1 John 4:8). Include these important reminders in every lesson you present.

2. Prayer

Throughout the Bible, people speak to God and get results. During his earthly ministry, Jesus speaks often about prayer as a powerful relationship-builder with God. Use object lessons and character studies to reinforce the message that God wants to hear from us and is always listening.

3. Ten Commandments

God’s Ten Commandments are more than just stone tablets entrusted to Moses. God gave his law out of love for the people he created in his image. And children need to hear that obedience flows out of our love for our Creator.

4. Forgiveness

The idea that God totally wipes away our sins through Jesus’ blood can be tough to fathom, even for adults. Assure children that no matter what they may do, they can say sorry to God, who makes them clean and new on the inside.

5. Kindness

Lessons about Jesus’ Golden Rule are always relevant, but these days children especially need to hear about how to treat other kids. Help young people learn Godly behavior that they can apply to all interactions, whether at home, school or church.