Palm Sunday Object Lesson: The Rocks Cry Out

Palm Sunday Object Lesson

Use this Palm Sunday object lesson: The Rocks Cry Out to help kids learn that they can praise Jesus!

Luke 19:40 “And He answered and said, ‘I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!’”

An often-overlooked part of the Palm Sunday story is when the Pharisees approached Jesus. They insisted that Jesus reprimand the people from expressing their praises for Him as He enters Jerusalem. It’s almost as though the praises that nature wanted to sing out were being vented through the voices of the people. If those people were forbidden to praise the Son of God, then the rocks would absolutely burst as their praises built up.

Here’s an idea that’s not included in Easter-rific!  It will give an idea of what you’ll find in this collection.

Science Experiment

You’ll need to gather …
hydrogen peroxide (20 vol.)
clear vase
liquid dish soap
packet of yeast
warm water
custard dish
food coloring (optional)

Pour ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide in the vase. (Optional: put 10 drops of food coloring in the peroxide.) Then add three squirts of the liquid dish soap (about 3 T.) Swirl this around in the vase to mix it thoroughly. Carefully, place some clean rocks in the bottom of a clear vase, just enough to cover the bottom. In a custard cup, place 3 T. of warm water and the packet of yeast. Stir to dissolve and let sit for one minute.

In the meantime, ask the children to tell you things that the rocks might cry out if people did not praise Jesus. What would burst from them? What would their praises be? The rocks in our vase are about to burst forth with their praises!

Now pour the yeast mixture into the vase. (If the vase has a small opening, you’ll want to use the funnel; otherwise, just pour the yeast in.) Step back and watch the praises flow!

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