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3 Tough Questions Kids Ask About God (and How To Answer Them)

Related Scriptures: Ephesians 2:8-9 says God saved us through grace, and we accept that through faith.

2. Who made God?


Most preschoolers will be satisfied if you simply say no one made God. Only things that have a beginning, like toys, have to be made. Since God didn’t have a beginning, he didn’t need anyone to make him.


Strap yourself in for a romp through science, theology and philosophy. There’s plenty you could study and discuss, but the answer really comes down to faith and believing God has always been around. Honor the question, but bring your child back around to Jesus, who considered God eternal. If Jesus is real—and right—his teaching about God is the same.


This question is sometimes tossed at Christian preteens to attack their faith. If your preteen is asking this question, he might feel he needs a rational answer or his faith is a sham. Reassure your child there are some things about God we simply can’t understand. We know God has always been around and there was no beginning to God’s life, even if that’s hard to understand. Some things we take on faith—trusting that the God we know can be bigger than the answers we find so comforting.

Related Scriptures: Read Isaiah 40:28; 55:8-11; Psalm 90:2; Romans 16:26; and 1 Timothy 1:17.