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3 Tough Questions Kids Ask About God (and How To Answer Them)

3. Does God ever talk to people out loud so they can hear him?


Write a note to your preschooler and offer to read it to her. Tell her that often God speaks to his people through the Bible—his giant note to the world. Yes, God can speak out loud…but he usually uses the Bible.


The short answer: Yes…though God usually “speaks” through the Bible. Your child may be wondering why, if God wants us to do what he wants, he doesn’t just tell us what he wants…audibly. After all, that’s what parents do! But God also speaks to us through our hearts sometimes. Ask your child if she wants to hear God’s voice speaking to her and, if she does, pray together that she’ll always have a heart that is listening for God’s voice.


Yes, God can speak audibly—the Bible documents examples of that happening and some Christians report hearing God speak. But having that experience doesn’t mean someone is more spiritual than others. Through the Holy Spirit, God speaks into the lives of all Christians. What sets some Christians apart is that they actually listen—and obey. Ask your child if she’s willing to obey when God speaks to her through the Bible or within her heart.

Related Scriptures: God speaks through the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and the Holy Spirit (John 16:13).


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