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10 Ways Preschoolers Are Tougher Than Football Players

Preschool ministry is such an important part of the church.

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are vital.  Early experiences provide the base for development and functioning throughout life.  Children learn more quickly in their early years than at any other time in life.

I tell parents the most challenging years of parenting are the preschool and teenage years.  I also believe preschool ministry is one of the most challenging but rewarding areas of children’s ministry.

Preschool volunteers are my heroes.  In honor of preschool volunteers everywhere … here’s 10 reasons why preschoolers are tougher than football players.

    1. Football players smell after a game … ever smell a preschooler after an accident?
    2. Football players hit hard … preschoolers bite hard.
    3. Football players begin running out of energy in the 4th quarter … preschoolers never run out of energy.
    4. Football players yell in warm-ups … preschoolers yell so loud you can hear them over 100 adults in a restaurant or airplane.
    5. Football players eat protein bars … preschoolers eat glue sticks and crayons.
    6. Football players hide family secrets … preschoolers tell family secrets.
    7. Football players throw passes … preschoolers throw tantrums.
    8. Football players aren’t always brave enough to say what they’re thinking … preschoolers always say what they’re thinking.
    9. Football players ask questions about plays … preschoolers ask questions about everything.
    10. Football players play with one ball … preschoolers play with hundreds of balls in the ball pit.