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Sunday School Christmas Party Ideas: Activities Kids Will Love

Sunday school Christmas party ideas

If you need new Sunday school Christmas Party ideas, then here’s a bunch of inspiration. The kids in your children’s ministry program will love these fun holiday ideas! They’re ideal for a Christmas celebration in your Sunday school or community. Plus, they also will work great as Christmas party games for children’s church.

Enjoy all these fun, versatile Sunday school Christmas party ideas! And be sure to share your favorite seasonal games in the comments section below.

Sunday School Christmas Party Ideas

Begin by reading the Christmas story to children. Read the Nativity passage from Luke 2 or read a kid-friendly Bible or book.

Good News of Great Joy: The Amazing Story of Jesus’ Birth

Next up, play some group games. Choose Sunday school Christmas games that are appropriate for the ages of your participants. Pro Tip: Recruit youth group members to help with these activities!

  • Mini Marshmallow Toss (Have kids line up on either side of a table to play.)
  • Snowman Decorating Contest (Teams have five minutes to make the best or most creative one.)
  • Parcel Pass (You can find directions here.)

Carnival-Style Sunday School Christmas Party Ideas

1. Candy Cane Hang

2. Face the Cookie

Kids have one minute to slide the most cookies into their mouth. (Be aware of any food allergies before trying this wacky game.)

3. Jingle Bell Toss

4. Christmas Smell Guessing Game

5. Merry Fishmas