Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Time to Party!!

Are you having a Christmas Party in your Children’s Ministry program? Looking for some great games to play? Take a look at our schedule for some inspiration!

6:30 P.M. Welcome!

6:35 Reading of the Christmas Story

Good News of Great Joy: The Amazing Story of Jesus’ Birth

6:40 Group Games

  • Mini Marshmallow Toss (kids lined up on either side of a table)
  • Snowman Decorating Contest (five minutes to make the best one)
  • Parcel Pass (find directions here)

Marshmallow Toss

7:00 Carnival Style Games

Station #1: Candy Cane Hang (one minute to hang the most canes on a string)

Hanging Candy Cane (Games for Kids)

Station #2: Bead Sort (one minute to sort all the red, white and green beads into cups using tongs)

Bead Sort

Station #3: Coloring Station (Christmas trees, Nativity, Candy Canes)


Station #4: Snowman Toss

Christmas Party Game Ideas

Station #5: Merry Fishmas (find directions on NBC’s Website)

Merry Fishmans

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