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VBS: To Do or Not to Do That’s the Question

Design Your HOW – How should your VBS flow?

Once you have your Why, and you know WHAT you are looking for in a VBS, it’s time start designing HOW you will make it happen. This is flat-out programming.

We divided our families into “teams” that worked their way around three stations throughout the evening. Each station had an activity and a craft and one station had a Bible Story for the kids and dessert/coffee for the parents. This strategy met our needs and stayed true to our Why.

Align Your WHO – Who are going to be your volunteers, your families and your Lead Team?

Ultimately, your Why, What and How must connect to your Who. Buy-in from your church will be hugely important because your volunteer pool will be limited to those who would not be attending with their kids or grandkids. You’ll need to identify

  1. Your Lead Team
  2. Families that will be attending
  3. Remaining available volunteers

Some thoughts final but important thoughts

  1. Utilize your community – Youth, college students, business for food donations, etc. Don’t try to go at it alone. Let your community be part of whatever you are doing.
  2. Consider your size – The smaller your production, the less need for volunteers. A Family VBS needed fewer volunteers because parents with with kids.
  3. Recognize your limitations – Your VBS won’t reach everyone. Consider partnering with another church doing VBS so you can share your resources. And keep in mind that you aren’t the whole body. You may very well be the hand and the church down the street might be a foot. Join together so that you can better share the love of Christ with the world.

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