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The Gift of Laughter – Make Memories

Last night we took our entire family (that’s eight with all our kids at home) out to a dinner show in Orlando.  The name of the show was “The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show” at Wonder Works.  Julie and I had experienced the show in January when we visited Orlando on our anniversary and we wanted our kids to share that same experience.

Of course “outta control” can often simply refer to our family in general – remember there are eight of us.  Before going out to the show we went to the Mall @ Millenia to have our family photos taken.  This is always an adventure and again the “outta control” moniker does apply.  Our family photo plan generally starts out with great intentions and somehow seems to always move toward a Three Stooges scene.  You have to understand that our kids range in age from 8 – 25 and their personalities are just as diverse.

Well, we did manage to leave the studio without any major destruction and moments of shear hilarity. When your family is making the photographer laugh…super size candy canes appeared…fireman’s hats are falling into the frame…family members toppling over…it’s a feat in and of itself. The photo is not too shabby either and will soon be appearing hear at CM Buzz.

Back to the show…obviously as a family we like to laugh.  Although, my kids sometimes desire to move away from me when we attend a movie.  Something about my loud outburst of laughter can cause them to cringe on occasion. We went to the “Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show” to hopefully create a family memory and boy did we succeed.  Myself and three of our boys were selected to participate in three different parts of the show.  Two great things about the show include that it is a family friendly show and that has audience participation built right in. Kudos to Tony Brent for an amazing performance!

A cheerful heart makes you healthy.  But a broken spirit dries you up. Proverbs 17:22

My encouragement to all of us this holiday is to laugh together. Look for opportunities to make memories and laugh together.  Even if your kids try to scoot away to another seat…laugh out loud and make it a memorable Christmas!