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How God Works in the Lives of Children

I’m sure that all of us have heard stories of how God has miraculously worked through children. We have our favorite Bible stories that feature God working through children; Samuel and David immediately top our list. But, what about our kids today? How is God working in their lives?

I have dozens of stories that I have shared that feature children being used to show God’s love throughout their families, communities, and countries. Most of those stories feature what many of us would consider big miracles of healing, revival, etc. What about everyday events? Do we teach our children to recognize how God is working through everyday circumstances in their lives? Are they aware of the thousands of seemingly little details God is taking care of each day?

Our challenge is to bring our children into an active daily relationship with their Heavenly Father that far surpasses any other relationship they will ever develop on this earth. The first step is for us to assist them in recognizing God’s continual presence with them each day, every day, all day!

Recently, I started a segment at the beginning of each service that is simply titled, “What Did God Do For You This Week?” This has been a time for me to share with the kids small ways I see God moving in my life throughout the week. You know, things like: finding an extra dollar on the ground; getting the exact cereal I wanted on sale and having a coupon for additional savings; discovering a nail on the ground just before getting into the car which saved me a flat tire; getting a call from a friend with a word of encouragement at just the right time; etc.

This time of sharing then took another step forward and involved allowing the children to share what God did for them. This coming week, we are taking it up one more notch. During this opening segment, there will be a slide projected with the “What Did God Do For You This Week?” title. I’m going to add three stools and involve two of our Children’s Church workers in the segment as well. It will be a panel type of discussion that allows each of us to share something God did in our lives the immediately preceding week. After the brief sharing, each of us will call on a child to share as well. Then the segment will close with a challenge for all of us to be on the lookout during the upcoming week for the amazing ways God is taking care of even the smallest details in our lives.

Can you imagine what will start taking place? These children will begin recognizing exactly how intricately God works in their lives. They will develop a daily attitude of gratitude toward their Heavenly Father. Their faith will growThey will more easily believe God to answer their prayers. They will more easily believe God to take care of those things they consider big problems. It will change them and they will change those around them!

Find out how God is working in the lives of your children!   

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