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7 Behaviors Kidmin Leaders Must Avoid

Being a know-it-all.  When you begin to think you know it all…you’re in trouble and your growth will stagnate.  Remain teachable.  Great leaders are always in school.  Learn from everyone…all the time. 

Being condescending.  No one likes to be talked down to.  Treat everyone the same.  Make every person you talk to feel important.  See a “10” on everyone’s forehead.  

Not listening.  Be approachable.  When people are talking to you, look at them, not past them.  Led with great questions instead of answers.

Being defensive.  Hold the ministry with open hands.  Detach yourself from your ideas.  Just let them be ideas.  Be open to feedback.  In fact, seek it out.  

Micromanaging.  Equip and empower leaders and then let them lead.  Let go of your control issues.  

Whining.  Stay positive.  Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have.  A whiner brings problems and challenges to the table.  A leader brings problems and challenges to the table along with possible answers and solutions.

Building my kingdom.  Be a team player.  Reach out to and collaborate with other ministries in your church.  Don’t see them as competition but as partners.  Look beyond your ministry and see the big picture of the church.