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Fruit of the Spirit Lesson for Kids: 5 Ideas for Sunday School

4. Lemme See!

Items needed: prism, light source, props (optional)

Set a prism in an area where the direct sunlight shines through it to make a rainbow, or use a flashlight to create the effect.

Start this fruit of the Spirit lesson for kids by saying: God gives us the fruit of the Spirit to help us show others what his love looks like. A way to help us remember that is to look at this prism. God is like the light—he is pure, and he shines into our lives with his love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. All of those traits were in Jesus. And when Jesus was on earth, he told us that each one of us—no matter how old or how young, how little or big—has a job to do! That job is to tell others about God’s love for them. One of the loudest ways we can tell someone about God’s love is by showing it to that person.

Say: Look at that rainbow created by the light through the prism. We are like the prism. When we know Jesus and accept God’s love, it shines beautifully through us. That rainbow doesn’t have to make a noise to speak to us, does it?

Have kids work in groups of four or five, including older and younger kids on the same teams. Assign each group a fruit of the Spirit quality, and give kids several minutes to think of a way they could create a commercial for their assigned character trait. Allow kids to be creative and to use or create props if they would like. Ask them to imagine that they’re trying to sell their fruit of the Spirit to someone who has never heard of it.
Encourage them to think about why their fruit of the Spirit is important, what it does for people, why people need it, and what they think is great about their fruit of the Spirit. You may want to move around to each group to assist kids with ideas. When kids have had time to practice, have each group perform its commercial for everyone. Be sure to applaud every group’s efforts.
The following is an example of a simple commercial:

Ben: (Approaching a girl who is sitting alone and crying) Excuse me, miss. What seems to be the problem?

Angie: (Looking up sadly) My dog ran away, I didn’t make the soccer team, and my best friend is moving away! That’s what the problem is! Boohoo!

Ben: (Pulling out a bottle of Joy liquid soap or a piece of fruit) I think what you need is joy! That’s right, joy, the fruit of the Spirit!

Angie: How’s joy going to help me? I feel miserable!

Ben: (Motions to boy offstage) Come tell us about it, Steve! (Steve enters.) With joy your face will be smiling! (Steve smiles widely.) You’ll be jumping up and down because you’re happy God loves you! (Steve jumps up and down.) You may even be able to laugh when bad things happen because you know that God is bigger than all your problems! (Steve laughs hysterically, shrugging his shoulders.)

Angie: Well…how much does it cost?

Ben: That’s the best part! It’s absolutely free! All you have to do is follow Jesus’ example and love God. Oh, yeah…I should warn you…it’s contagious.

(Steve walks over to another girl sitting nearby and crying. He smiles at her, jumps for joy, and begins laughing while shrugging his shoulders and looking up. He puts his arm around the girl. She smiles, begins jumping for joy, and the two skip off, laughing hysterically.)