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Catechism Use Can Help Parents Develop Their Children’s Faith

Catechism 101 (cont.)

Many different catechisms exist, including those specific to certain denominations. Our family chose the wonderful NorthStar Catechism developed by Sojourn Church. You can go download a PDF of them all and even order some playing-card-sized ones!

I think it’s pretty well stated what catechism is. When you read the details, you’ll quickly understand what it is communicating and preparing in your children’s hearts and minds. However, for clarity let me state what a catechism definitely is not.

What a Catechism Is NOT

1. A catechism is not just another way to beat kids over the head with more learning.

Catechism truths are easy to memorize and easy to learn. They fit perfectly alongside other things our kids are learning. If you think your own kids aren’t smart enough to memorize these, then you’re not giving them enough credit. We simply added catechism to what we were already asking our kids to memorize. These truths are just different enough from what kids normally memorize that they’re fun and unique.

2. A catechism is not a way to guarantee faith in children. 

Catechisms won’t do much for children’s souls if the learning isn’t marinated in their hearts. That occurs when kids engage in impactful spiritual conversations with parents and others who love them. Consider a catechism as a starting point, not the end point.

3. A catechism is not separate from God’s Word.

God’s Word is perfect. So make it clear that answers found in catechisms (and many of the questions themselves) come from the Bible. The foundation is God’s Word, and anything we can do to bring that to the center of kids’ lives is key.

Parents have so many ways to teach our kids spiritual matters. The challenge is to make faith relevant, real, timely, and catchable to kids. I know the day will come when our children must decide for themselves who they will serve. But it’s my duty as a parent to help them get the right picture of what it means to trust in Christ for eternity.