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Stop Blaming God for the Coronavirus

Why does God allow the coronavirus to exist, to spread, to kill? Fundamentally, there is a truth that lies at the root of the answer to that question: Our relationship with nature is broken.










There are natural consequences in nature that nurtures one moment and harms the next.

I wrote this once about my husband Mike’s death from falling into a glacial crevasse…

Nature is a monster lying in wait. We marveled at nature’s beauty that day and tiptoed on its surface until it proved that it is wild and waiting to snatch the life from anyone who comes near. Its gaping jaw opened and swallowed my husband that day. 

Nature is not our friend. Regardless of its beauty and wonder and the revelation of who God is in its very fiber, creation is writhing under the curse of humanity’s sin. 

We stand in awe of something that is decaying. Jagged cliffs were once beautiful mountains that have suffered under the constant deluge of rainwater. Erosion is the shadow of the world that was to be. 

And we do not understand that just as we are fallen and in need of grace, nature is fallen. It is brutal. It stalks the unwary.

Animals attack. Boats capsize. Thorns pierce. Gravity hungrily drags people to their death. 

We who are living in a broken world are called to be caretakers of a once-perfect environment that now cannot be approached with the naivety and ignorance we exhibited that fateful day.

The coronavirus is nature run amok.

It feels like nature is not our friend right now. It is the unnatural crossing forbidden barriers. It is a dish eaten with consequences for all humanity. It is an enemy that oozed through a permeable wall. 

And now it stalks the weak, the infirm, the aged. 

Just as the weak, the infirm, the aged deer cannot keep up with the herd when an enemy attacks…the virus pounces on the edges of our society.