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David Crowder’s “Come as You Are” Is One of the Most Powerful Evangelistic Songs of Our Generation

“Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.”

Do you remember when you first put your trust in Christ? For many, salvation was proceeded by feelings of shame, unworthiness and brokenness. We lamented and mourned over our sin against a holy God. And yet Jesus called to us to draw near to him and lay down our shame.

Because of Christ, we can invite everyone to come just as they are to our compassionate Savior. No matter what you’re struggling with or how big it seems to you, you can come to Jesus JUST AS YOU ARE. As we learn to meditate on Christ’s finished work on the cross where he put away our sin and shame, we will feel the true freedom and power of the Gospel.

This is the what David Crowder captures beautifully in “Come As You Are”—the beauty of Christ’s love for sinners. What a powerful reminder to “lay down our burdens and shame” and “fall into the arms” of Christ. What a Savior!

Watch David Crowder perform “Come as You Are” here:

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