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10 Worshippers You’ll Find at Your Local Baptist Church

On any given Sunday, you’ll see a variety of worship expressions. God made us all unique and these differences reveal the complexity of our personalities, preferences and passions.

These differences can be a very positive thing, for sure, especially when our motives for worship are lined up correctly–to see the name of God lifted up! Here’s a list of the top 10 worshippers you might find at your average Baptist church on any given Sunday.

*This is a narrow list, focused on one denomination (the one I know best), and it’s meant to be light-hearted, not serious, but there is a little truth to it. 🙂

10. The Off-Key and Lovin’ Every Minute of It Worshipper

This person looooooves to sing, but the only problem is…they’re tone deaf and completely unaware. It’s best to avoid eye contact and let them do their thing.



9. The Charismatic Visitor

This person is either travelling through, or looking for a new church, and decided to try out the local Baptist church. They understand that “Baptists” are typically more reserved than their charismatic brothers and sisters, but it’s hard to contain themselves—once the worship starts everyone else disappears.



8. The Conscientious Objector

This person DOES NOT appreciate the style or volume of the worship, but they don’t want to make a scene so they stay quiet, lips sealed.



7. The Feeler

This person doesn’t sing loud, but their expression lets you know they’ve got something deep going on inside. Typically seen with eyes closed tight, nodding.



6. The Aisle Stepper

Sometimes there’s just too much worship to be contained in the tiny space of a pew, or theater seat, and it’s necessary to step out to gain more real estate. Like this.



5. The Pew-Sitting Conductor

This person has a background in music theory and a passion for hand gestures. It’s their job to conduct the church from their seat with enthusiasm and vigor.



4. The Walk Out

This person loves the preaching but feels like the music is just too loud, too modern or too secular and decides to make a statement by walking out mid-worship. Do not be alarmed by this. They will eventually return, like magic, during the post-worship prayer.



3. The Wannabe Charismatic

This person desperately wants to let loose, but years of church experience tells them to keep it cool. So they end up somewhere in between—almost raising their hands, but pulling back at the last minute.



2. The I-Forgot-to-Follow-the-Slides Worshipper

This person gets so wrapped up in worship they forget to read the slides and start singing the wrong verse. Caught somewhere in between, they can’t help but smile, because it happens every Sunday.



1. The I’m-Too-Cute Kid Worshipper

This kid has all the moves and feels it. When you see them it’s hard not to tear up a little. It’s also a powerful reminder to stop looking around and dig deep into worship yourself. 🙂



Do you recognize any of these? Do you fall into one of the categories? Did we miss any?

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