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Crazy Youth Group Games: Play These at Your Own Risk!

crazy youth group games

Crazy youth group games are great for laughs and making memories. Just be sure they’re not dangerous or destructive. Check out these 10 crazy youth group games. Which ones will your teens go crazy over!

10 Crazy Youth Group Games for Teens

Even if you don’t play these crazy youth group games, they might make good teaching points. Find videos online or share thoughts that apply to a lesson.

10. Two Words: Chubby Bunny

Who would’ve thought shoving 50 marshmallows in your mouth could be a choking hazard?

9. Fear Factor Spinoff Church Games

We’ll admit, these goofy challenges can be fun to watch. At least until someone dry heaves on a hissing cockroach.

8. Unconventional Use of Duct Tape

For games involving duct tape, the possibilities are endless!

7. Paintball With a Vengeance

OK, what youth pastor hasn’t plotted a little poetic justice on the paintball field? Am I right?

6. The Overcrowded Slip-n-Slide

This summer youth group game can lead to complete carnage.

5. Any Game With a Motorcycle…Indoors

Not sure what game this is—or what’s going on here. But Deacon Bobby just ran up the walls!

4. The Bat Spin

Again, fun to watch, but totally not safe.