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10 Games That Prove Your Youth Pastor Has Totally Lost Touch with Safety

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Crazy Church Games for Youth Group

10. Two Words: Chubby Bunny

Because who would have thought shoving 50 marshmallows in your mouth would cause choking?

9. Fear Factor Spinoff Church Games

We’ll admit, these can be fun to watch…at least until someone dry heaves on a hissing cockroach.

8. Unconventional Use of Duct Tape

Doesn’t she look ecstatic!

7. Paintball with Vengence

OK, what youth pastor hasn’t plotted a little poetic justice on the paintball field. Am I right?

6. The Overcrowded Slip-n-Slide


5. Any Game With a Motorcycle…Indoors

Not sure what game this is—or what’s going on here—but Deacon Bobby just ran up the walls!

4. The Bat Spin

Again, fun to watch, but totally not safe.


3. The Ol’ Banana in the Pantyhose Trick

This would be a horrible way to die. You know, with pantyhose on your head—trying to mush on a banana. Just sayin.

2. Tug of War

This game is responsible for 79.9 percent of youth group injuries. I totally made that up, but I’m sure it’s a big winner.

1. Dodgeball

Classic game. Never stops until someone gets a head injury. Not safe.

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