church attendance

Preaching in Light of Low or Infrequent Church Attendance

One of the key challenges pastors confront today is inconsistent church attendance. While the extent and pace of decline depends on who conducts the study and their metrics, the fact of the matter is that the majority of churches are experiencing a drop in weekly attendance.  
Contextualized language

Using Contextualized Language in Preaching

By looking at how Paul varied his message based on his audience, preachers can learn how to use contextualized language to reach a biblically illiterate audience.
Tim Keller contextualizing

Insights From Keller on Contextualizing

Tim Keller has been a helpful voice in effective preaching in our contemporary world. He has faithfully proclaimed the Bible in the secularized context of New York City for decades.
Biblical Literacy

Facing the Issue of Biblical Literacy

Regardless of your church style and the profile of your average attendee, you need to consider issues facing contemporary preaching today. Probably one of the most obvious is a lack of biblical literacy.
Roe v. Wade

A Somber Anniversary

January 22, 2022 marks the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That's right—it's been almost half a century. My hope is that we won’t mark the 50th anniversary next year, because Roe will be overturned. But there is still work to do. 
Martin Luther King Jr.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: “Paul’s Letter to American Christians (From MLK)”

In the spirit of the letters of Paul, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote an imaginary letter from the Apostle Paul to American Christians. Here's what it said.
Bible Literacy

Biblical Literacy by the Numbers, Part 3: Fixing the Problem

Of course, you already knew that reading the Bible helped you to grow. It's actually doing it that's a challenge. What are some ways churches are helping people to engage the Scriptures more intentionally?
Bible Literacy

Biblical Literacy by the Numbers, Part 2: Scripture Engagement

One of the ways (perhaps the most effective way) to begin leading people toward greater Biblical literacy is regular and intentional Scripture engagement.
Bible Literacy

Biblical Literacy by the Numbers, Part 1: The Challenge

America can be proud of many things: our innovation, generosity and entrepreneurial spirit are unsurpassed. Yet when it comes to our nation understanding one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity—the Bible—we're moving from dumb to dumber, and it's no laughing matter.
Salvation Army

Ed Stetzer: ‘Cancel’ the Salvation Army? I Think Not.

Left or right, our new pressures of ideological purity and tribal buzzwords eventually set their sights upon even the most absurd of targets. Case in point is the recent war conservatives have decided to wage on the Salvation Army.