3 Realities for Christians to Consider if Roe Is Overturned

I’m thankful that we may soon see the fruit of five decades of hard work from the pro-life movement. But there are three realities we should consider if and when that happens.

Easter Points to Signs of Hope After Two Hard Years of COVID and Unrest

In a pandemic season where both the brokenness of this world and the pain of death have been lived realities for many, Easter is the story of God’s love that transcends even seemingly insurmountable loss.
He Gets Us

He Gets Us: Offending (Some) Christians While Reaching the Unchurched

Sometimes the best approaches to connect with non-Christians will make some Christians uneasy. Why is this the case? Because unconventional approaches break the mold of what most Christians envision when they think of evangelism.
music in the church

Ed Stetzer: Churchleaders Must Face The Future of Music in the Church

It may be a generalization to say the church today has three generational expressions, but I think we can work with it, especially with respect to music in the church.
distrust pastors

Communicating With Confidence When People Distrust Pastors

Unfortunately, perceptions about pastors are not always good. When we consider what people usually hear about them in the news, it makes a little bit more sense why they distrust pastors so much.
church attendance

Preaching in Light of Low or Infrequent Church Attendance

One of the key challenges pastors confront today is inconsistent church attendance. While the extent and pace of decline depends on who conducts the study and their metrics, the fact of the matter is that the majority of churches are experiencing a drop in weekly attendance.  
Contextualized language

Using Contextualized Language in Preaching

By looking at how Paul varied his message based on his audience, preachers can learn how to use contextualized language to reach a biblically illiterate audience.
Tim Keller contextualizing

Insights From Keller on Contextualizing

Tim Keller has been a helpful voice in effective preaching in our contemporary world. He has faithfully proclaimed the Bible in the secularized context of New York City for decades.
Biblical Literacy

Facing the Issue of Biblical Literacy

Regardless of your church style and the profile of your average attendee, you need to consider issues facing contemporary preaching today. Probably one of the most obvious is a lack of biblical literacy.
Roe v. Wade

A Somber Anniversary

January 22, 2022 marks the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That's right—it's been almost half a century. My hope is that we won’t mark the 50th anniversary next year, because Roe will be overturned. But there is still work to do.