church planting

9 Challenges To Church Planting

Like any movement, challenges exist that threaten the vitality and longevity of church planting. We must consider how to address them.

Pandemic, Migration, and Mission: Church Response

In this piece, I discuss how the church in North America responded, for better or for worse, to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
divided times

20 Truths From ‘Preaching to a Divided Nation’

Pastors need advice and counsel on how to preach during these divided times. Here are 20 truths that will help you to do it well.

Pandemic, Migration, and Mission: Events Arising During the Pandemic, Part 2

In addition to the direct results of the coronavirus and our precautions, several landmark events took place or were highlighted during COVID-19.

Pandemic, Migration, and Mission: Impact of the Pandemic on Missions in North America

This is the first of a four-piece series about the impact of the pandemic on missions in North America. We begin with the immediate effects COVID-19.
God Shines Forth

20 Truths From ‘God Shines Forth’

I had the privilege or reading a pre-release version of "God Shines Forth: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church." Here are 20 quotes from the book, which you should pick up.
do denominations matter

Do Denominations Matter?

Do denominations matter? "Associating" and "cooperating" for a common goal is easier said than done. Cooperation requires common conviction, unity, and grace.
finishing well

5 Reasons Leaders Finish Poorly

I am often in meetings where questions about the future of the evangelical movement are raised.
small church

20 Truths About the Strength of Small Churches

Here are 20 truths from Ron Klassen's new book, "Maximize: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small Church."
church online

Online Church is a Tool, Not the Goal— Embodied Community is the Goal

There’s a difference between a church having a presence online and “Church Online.” By that, I mean that every internet broadcast of a Sunday worship service is not necessarily meant to be an online church.