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New Year: New Worship Stage Gear

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So: you bought small Christmas gifts for people on your worship team—good for you! But what about the “gifts” for the worship stage gear or the worship team’s green room? Why not start of the New Year by making sure that your worship stage or green room are well equipped with useful items? I’ve already vetted all the options, read the reviews and chose the perfect products.

  1. Start a worship library: here are some great titles your team should read. These are “easy” reads, but still intellectually rich and lasting.
  1. Low Profile Folding Guitar Stand: every worship stage gear set could use a couple of extra guitar stands, especially the kind that break down for easy transport, but still can hold the instrument safely. This particular stand is a personal favorite.
  2. Throat-Coat Tea is world-famous with singers in every genre of music.It really should be part of your worship stage gear! It’s perfect for worship leaders or anyone that’s just “not feeling it” early Sunday morning. And having a hot water kettle for warming up water to drinkable warmth is a must!!
  3. Theo Wheel (a simple music theory tool): This really well designed Theo Wheel makes music theory easy. It’s a must around any worship green room or in the office of a music leader.
  4. Turn any guitar player into part of the rhythm section: Check out this fun foot-tambourine. By just stomping your foot, you will turn you into the drummer you’ve always wanted to be. Bonus: check out this very cool ankle shaker.
  5. In-Ear Monitors. Nowadays, most musicians are using in-ear monitors to listen to what they are playing on stage. I can’t count the number of times I have left my monitors at home and it’s always a great idea to have another extra pair. Back-up monitors are a must for worship stage gear. These in-ear monitors are really affordable and have incredible reviews! Tip: I suggest buying the clear ones since they are the most in-demand and least obstructive on the stage.