The 7-Minute Worship Team Check-In

worship team
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Band rehearsals are not usually super fun. Many times they are in the early hour or after a long day. The worship team and tech teams are all arriving with a variety of emotions, experiences and energy levels. Yes, your job as a worship leader is to get the band on track musically, but there is actually something more important that should PRECEDE music making.

Before your next worship team ehearsal do this one thing and it will transform the culture of your volunteer worship ministry.

As the leader, arrive earlier than everyone else. Do everything administratively and technically possible to make the stage ready (print charts, check audio lines, etc.). Musicians will arrive and get set up. Once you and your bandmates have monitors solid and are ready to rehearse…


Invite ALL the musicians into a circle. The drummer will have to come out of their cage and some might have to surrender their instruments. Invite the tech team down to the circle. Make sure everyone is looking at each other. (NOTE: At this point, there will be a little voice inside you SCREAMING that you don’t have time for this touchy-feely relational thing. Ignore that voice.)