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What to Do When Someone Unsubscribes from Your Email List

when someone unsubscribes

Obviously, building a strong email list is essential. And along the way, people will unsubscribe. It’s inevitable. If you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you won’t pay a bit of attention, but when someone unsubscribes and you have just thousands, or hundreds, or even dozens, it matters.

See, email is the most personal form of online marketing. It requires a lot of trust to be built. And that’s why it always feels icky when someone unsubscribes.

What to do when someone unsubscribes? Move on.

In fact, don’t just move on. Value the unsubscribe. It means that someone who wasn’t your target is giving you a slot to give to someone else who is your target. But what about when they accuse you of spamming them and you know you didn’t? Here’s my advice when someone unsubscribes:

Move on.

You’ll never convince them otherwise. And when you try to convince them otherwise, you’ll make it all a memorable experience for them.

As it stands, they’ve taken five seconds to clean you out of their inbox. Argue with them and they’ll remember you and your phony “I’m not a spammer” story.

And here’s the biggest piece of advice of all when someone unsubscribes:

Don’t just move on. Give it less thought than they did. Just don’t worry about it.

Can it be that simple? Yep. It is.

Every great once in a while, you need to hear some negative feedback, but in the hyper-sensitive space of the internet, most of the people offering feedback don’t have your best interests in mind. They don’t really know you, or they’d never have unsubscribed to begin with, right?

Gain the most trust you can with the most people you can and keep on going!


This article about when someones unsubscribes originally appeared here, and is used by permission.