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Technology and Marriage – How to Set Boundaries

Don’t forget about boundaries.

It isn’t a complicated word, but it is very difficult to implement. Technology without boundaries is an unhealthy way to live. Most parents would never let their children play video games without any boundaries, so why do we let ourselves live that way with our phones? Marriages across the country are suffering because we spend more time with our phones than we do our spouse.

Try taking a date night in the next couple weeks to discuss some healthy boundaries you can put into place in your home to keep healthy boundaries with technology.

Technology and Marriage – 5 Questions to Help Set Boundaries

Here are some questions to get the conversation started. Remember to use this time to be vulnerable and honest with your spouse without taking offense.

1. Do you believe my use of technology is affecting our relationship in a positive or negative way?

2. Do you have any ideas on how we can work together to set realistic boundaries in our home when it comes to technology?

3. How can we practically change some habits in order to pour more time and energy into our marriage?

4. How do you think I can use my phone more efficiently and effectively in daily life?

5. How can we hold each other accountable when it comes to technology use?


This article about technology and marriage originally appeared here, and is used by permission.