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10 Best Mother’s Day Church Videos That’ll Make Your Emotions Explode

6. Every Mom

Mother’s Day is a day to honor all Moms. It’s a day to support Single Moms, encourage Adoptive Moms, be grateful for Foster Moms and comfort Moms who have lost a child. Not all Mothers travel the same road, but they are each loved by God and loved by those whose lives they have touched. This video has a beautiful piano accompaniment.

7. Dear Mom

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express just how grateful we are for our Mom. She’s taught us, fed us, nurtured us and disciplined us all because she loves us. “Dear Mom” is an open letter of thanks to all the Mom’s who ever got up in the middle of the night, sat through a baseball game, fed a hungry group of teenagers or hugged us when we had a broken heart. Sometimes the only thing left to say is thank you and this video does a good job at doing that.

8. Your Momma!

This poignant sermon illustration uses sweet versions of the tradition “your momma” jokes to give a loving tribute to all the things mothers do for their families, including “praying for you when you’ve been bad.” This video is perfect for any setting where mothers are being celebrated.

9. Mother’s Day – HUMOR AWARD-WINNER!

A father and son brainstorm the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom. Starring Michael Hitchock (“Glee”, “Best in Show”), Zane Huett (“Desperate Housewives”) and Kate Flannery (“The Office”). This video will bring the laughs.


10. Mother’s Day Blessings

Mother’s Day is so much bigger than we think, and all mothers need to be highlighted and honored on this important day. Make her feel special with this video.

BONUS Church Video plus article:

This article (and church video) about a guy who bought his Mom a HOUSE on Mother’s Day is not to be missed. This guy was NOT a Slacker! This church video will definitely urge you to up your Mother’s Day game!