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beth moore

Beth Moore Calls Out Unvaccinated, Unmasked Christians; Greg Locke and Sean Feucht Respond

Beth Moore called out Christians who politicize the virus in a tweet that has gone viral, receiving reactions from outspoken pastor Greg Locke and "Let Us Worship" leader Sean Feucht. #bethmoore #vaccine
prayer for man

A Prayer for Man: Interceding for Guys Who Struggle With Despair

We men soothe ourselves with illusions of strength, with fantasies of control, with digital delusions. But we're often hurting...to the point that we're destroying ourselves. Prayer for man has never been more important.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Receives Death Threat as He Grapples With Vatican Financial Scandals

Italian police officers are investigating an envelope discovered Monday (Aug. 9) containing three 9mm bullets and a letter referring to Vatican financial mismanagement.
toxic church culture

6 Warning Signs of a Toxic Church Culture

Every church has a culture. But how do you know if your church culture is toxic? More importantly, how would you know whether you’re creating a toxic church culture as a leader?
Jay Kim

Jay Kim: How COVID-19 Has Impacted My View of Online Church

“It’s undeniable," says Jay Kim, "that this time has rehabituated and reformed us as people in a variety of ways."
Abraham Piper

Not Desiring God–John Piper’s Son Criticizes His Upbringing to 925k TikTok Followers

Well-known Desiring God's founder, theologian, and Bethlehem Baptist Church's retired pastor John Piper's son Abraham Piper, is almost as influential on social media as his father is, but they don't preach the same message.
jeff jansen

Pastor: My Ushers Carry Guns, Have Orders to Kill

Evangelical minister Jeff Jansen says that ushers at his Tennessee church “all pack” guns and will kill anyone who thinks “about starting something.”
worshipping Jesus

What Worshipping Jesus Means to Our Savior

Have you ever considered what worshipping Jesus means to our Savior? Several years ago I read the book Music Through the Eyes of Faith by Harold Best, and for me, it was one of those books that I couldn’t stop underlining, re-reading and devouring.
Satan Loves You

Satan Loves You to Do This

Sometimes we do the things we hate. And sometimes we get confused and begin to hate ourselves for the things we’ve done. Want to know what Satan loves you to do--over and over and over?

What If Unbelievers Aren’t Miserable?

Unbelievers don't necessarily turn to God because they are miserable people. There is a reason why so many of those who share the gospel in the New Testament do not start with people's psychological emptiness.

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‘For Sinners by Sinners’ Church Pastored by Active Porn Star and...

Stephen and Angela Dela Cruz are pastors of a church "for sinners by sinners" they planted in San Diego, California. They also openly promote Angela's active porn industry career.

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NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins Shares Critical Steps for Back to...

"Gatherings indoors are now riskier than they were before Delta came along," says Dr. Francis Collins, "and especially if you have unvaccinated people in the group, they are really at high risk.”