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An Appreciation: Tech Volunteers Are a Gift From God!


One morning at Grace Community Church something I already knew was reinforced. We had some of the most awesome tech volunteers in the world at Grace Community Church.  It took 150 or more volunteers each week to make a Sunday work. All our volunteers gave selflessly to the vision of Grace Community Church from the parking lot, to working with children, to greeting and the stage crew. Especially the crew of  tech volunteers. Their dedication each week amazes me.

I was especially impressed one morning at the expertise of our tech team.  We had a rough start to the day. It seemed every piece of equipment had a bug in it. Microphones wouldn’t work, chords were missing adapters, projectors didn’t connect with the computers and nothing seemed to work the first try. With 10 minutes before the first service they were still checking my microphone for a problem. All the while no one lost their patience and I even heard a few jokes passed between the crew. When the service began, everything went smoothly and we had another great day. Those folks were (and are) incredible!

A church cannot run efficiently without volunteers (especially tech volunteers). I thank God that we have had so many dedicated people who gave their time and resources to make Grace Community Church the church that it became. The Kingdom grows through their efforts.


This tribute to the tech volunteers of Grace Community Church originally appeared here, and is used by permission. As a consultant and coach, for almost 20 years Ron Edmundson has helped thousands of leaders and organizations get better. He served as CEO of Leadership Network and as a pastor of Grace Community Church in Lexington, KY. We revitalized two churches and planting two churches. I also have a long history in business, government and nonprofit work.