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Creating Video on Demand for Your Church – The “How” and “Why”

creating video on demand

This past year churches have become much better at providing live video content. I’ve had the opportunity to coach a number of churches through this journey. We figured out how to set up a ring light, plug in a decent mic and make eye contact with the camera. Well done church! But, when it comes to creating video on demand content, we really haven’t improved our game. Unlike a live streamed experience, Video on Demand (VOD) content is something your congregation and community can access anytime and anywhere. Think Netflix or Hulu. So now that we understand what VOD content is, let’s explore why you should make it and how to go about doing that.

The WHY of Creating Video on Demand

1. Community & Convenience

Live service experiences are awesome. There is an energy in watching and interacting with others in real time. There is an excitement experiencing an event as a community. This is why so many people watch the Super Bowl. We don’t really like the game. But we like being a part of something bigger than ourselves? So live video is great for community. But on demand video is great for convenience. Not everyone is off from work when the big game is being played. This is why the NFL provides the game as VOD the following day. Apply this same strategy to creating video on demand for your content.

2. We Are A Bingeing Culture

Have you ever gone to YouTube looking for a particular video and hours later realized you’ve gone down a rabbit hole you weren’t expecting? Yes, we all have. That is the power, and sometimes addictive nature, of VOD. It allows you to continue watching content you enjoy. IOWs, if you create just one VOD on a topic, you have decided to end the user experience when the video is over. But if you create multiple compelling videos on that same topic, you give the user an opportunity to explore in greater depth. Don’t end the user experience early. Create more VOD content.

3. Post-able & Shareable Content

If I see an exciting play during a sports game live there is no way for me to share it with others. But if ESPN puts that highlight up as VOD content, I can post it on my social media accounts and share it with friends that were rooting for the opposing team. In the same way, you want your people to be able to post and share highlights from your live events, from your services. So going live with your service is good but also cutting it up into highlights as VOD content is great.

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