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Does Your Church Belong on Traditional Broadcast Television?

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As media continues to evolve, pastors and ministry leaders are presented with more options than ever for spreading their message. While digital platforms have become increasingly popular and effective, the long-time appeal and wide-reaching impact of traditional broadcast television still make it a strategic option for pastors looking to expand their evangelism efforts.

But even in cases where a pastor feels that television is a great opportunity, that pastor is often surrounded by a team telling him that TV is dead. But after spending decades working in film, video, and digital media, here’s a handful of reasons traditional broadcast television still matters:

6 Reasons to Consider Traditional Broadcast Television

1) As new platforms emerge, old platforms adapt but don’t disappear. The invention of movies didn’t eliminate 3,000 years of print communication, the radio didn’t eliminate movies, TV didn’t eliminate radio, and now the Internet isn’t eliminating television. Everything finds a new level and adjusts. The key is knowing how it adjusts and how to maximize that platform.

2) Television still has remarkable reach. If the broadcast age was over, why do they still broadcast the most significant events of the year on television? The Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals, the Academy Awards, Grammys, and much more still choose to stay on broadcast TV because there is a vast audience out there.

3) Television remains a ubiquitous and accessible source of information and entertainment for a wide variety of audiences. TV audiences cover every demographic group, and while switching channels, it’s easy to “stumble” onto religious programming. In fact, you probably wouldn’t believe the number of letters, emails, and other communication I’ve seen from people who had their lives transformed after randomly finding a Christian channel while looking for something else.