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Should Christian Businesses Tithe?

Should Christian Businesses Tithe?

Back in 2008 I wrote an article about how to tithe on behalf of a business. There is surprisingly little published on the topic, which is why I addressed it. After [10] years, it’s still the 3rd highest ranked resource via Google, and I continue to get questions from people wanting to know specifics on how to apply it to their business. Should Christian businesses tithe?

Should Christian Businesses Tithe?

I received an interesting question this weekend that really was about whether one can trust their church’s leadership and, ultimately, the Lord. The ramifications go much further than the original question — even to church IT, and [it] seemed worthy of an article.

The Question Posed

“If I feel that the leaders of the church are not doing what they suppose [sic] to do in the church and when something is needed for the house of God they don’t buy it like furniture, carpets etc, can I use my tithe money to buy those necessary things for the house of God. PLEASE ADVISE”

It felt to me like this is a larger question that relates to faith. Faith in the Lord, and faith in his ability to lead through the leadership he’s put in place in his church.

The Answer I Gave

“If your faith is in the God of the Bible through Jesus Christ, then you can’t help seeing in Scripture that the church is his church. In fact, it is referred to as the bride of Christ!