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New Christmas Video Has Over 16 Million Views…Already!

This Christmas season, over 35 Kapamilya singers of all ages are featured on this Internet sensation with almost 16 million views on their Christmas video. The “Just Love Ngayong Christmas” video is a hymn about love, kindness and faith. And it’s also an advertisement for ABS-CBN Entertainment Christmas Station. ABS-CBN Entertainment is a news site for the latest in Philippine entertainment and celebrity news and features.

About this video, ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel (which has over 7 million subscribers) states:

Love is the force that connects families across the world. Filipinos are known for being a loving people. We solve conflicts with compassion, respect our differences, heal pain with kindness, comfort each other during difficult times and possess a strong grip on our faith. This Christmas, we celebrate these admirable Filipino traits. By gathering images and videos that went viral online, we focus the spotlight on individuals and organizations with inspiring stories. #JustLove, ABS-CBN’s new theme, is the hymn of our collective voices, stories and dreams for our family and our country.

We think it’s a great theme for the entire world—at Christmas and always!