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James Dobson Condemns Kasich’s ‘Cowardly’ Decision to Veto Heartbeat Bill

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The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, was faced with a difficult decision last week after the Ohio legislature passed the aggressive anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bill” by a surprising majority. Less than a week after receiving the bill, Kasich decided to veto. Dr. James Dobson issued a statement calling Kasich’s decision “cowardly and shameful.”

The controversial “Heartbeat Bill” would have made abortion illegal after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Kasich, who is pro-life, decided to veto the bill because he said it was “clearly contrary” to the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, according to Christian Post.

Dobson says he joins “millions of Evangelicals and Catholics in condemning Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the bill.” The statement Dobson posted to his website claims, “Signing the bill would have been the constitutionally correct thing to do; it would have also been morally correct to do.”

While Dobson is making his disdain over the decision known, others are rallying to Kasich’s defense. The Governor was able to sign into law the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which bans abortions after 20-weeks. The grass-roots organization Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) has released a statement thanking and congratulating the Governor for his “strategic incremental approach to ending abortion.”

“By signing S.B. 127, the 20-week ban, Governor Kasich will save hundreds of unborn lives each year and he positioned the state of Ohio to directly challenge Roe v. Wade,” says Mike Gonidakis, President of ORTL, in his statement about the decision. Gonidakis cites the “current make-up of a radically pro-abortion Supreme Court” as the reason behind Kasich’s hesitancy to fight a federal legal battle to tighten control over abortion right now.

While Gonidakis recognizes Kasich’s decision to pass the 20-week ban and not the “Heartbeat Bill” as a strategic move to “engage a winnable battle with the federal judiciary while saving countless babies at the same time,” Dobson claims his veto shows he “isn’t as committed to life as he professes to be.”

Once again Christians in America are split over the need to be strategic about furthering the cause of life in the midst of a pluralistic nation and also trying to do whatever we can to protect the defenseless.

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