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Exclusive Interview With Same Kind of Different As Me Producer

Same Kind of Different As Me

The movie Same Kind of Different As Me hit box offices October 20, 2017, starring Renee Zellweger, Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, and Jon Voight. Based on the popular autobiographical memoir by Ron Hall, the movie is about a wealthy Texas couple who find God and fight racism by helping the homeless.

Same Kind of Different As Me never would have happened without the tenacity of Darren Moorman, one of the movie’s producers. churchleaders.com caught up with Moorman in the middle of premiere and release week to ask him a few questions.

Darren Moorman Same Kind of Different as Me

CL: What are the Christian themes and why did you feel compelled to make Same Kind of Different As Me?

Moorman: The themes in the film are Universal Themes, and they are themes that are so important to the faith audience. Forgiveness is portrayed beautifully in marriage and in racial reconciliation. Taking care of the poor was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry, and this movie shows how intentional acts of kindness can bring hope to the hopeless.

CL: Why should Christians care about this movie?

Moorman: It tells the true story of three people who ultimately ended up with their lives changed by the power of love. And it is produced with the highest level of talent with four Academy-Award winning actors.

CL: How do you think people can use the film to start a conversation around racial reconciliation?

Moorman: The movie naturally opens up conversations, because it doesn’t sugar-coat that there are racial issues or marital issues. But the movie then shows the audience how when people aren’t afraid to talk about it and come to a place of forgiveness that lives can be changed.

CL: Tell us about a fun behind-the-scenes story.

Moorman: Djimon Hounsou reached out to me to play the role of Denver, since Djimon was homeless in France when he was younger. So this role was very personal to him. Djimon’s performance is Oscar worthy, in fact during one of his takes the cinematographer walked over to Djimon and said “that moment is one of the finest acting moments I have ever seen through the lens of a camera.” The cinematographer shot Forest Gump, Castaway, Flight, 42, and Back to the Future–to name just a couple.

Same Kind of Different as Me 2

CL: What can people look forward to in the movie?

Moorman: Renee Zellweger is fabulous, Jon Voight is amazing, and Greg Kinnear has always been a favorite of mine and now will be a favorite of everyone who sees this movie! My favorite scene in the movie is the dance scene.

CL: Please tell us a bit about your dreams in the film industry.

Moorman: I want to tell amazing true stories that have universal themes like love, hope, redemption, reconciliation–themes that represent my worldview!

CL: What inspired you to become a film producer?

Moorman: I always loved storytelling, and to be honest there is no better way to tell great stories than to produce movies.

CL: What drew you to the film Same Kind Of Different As Me and how did you get involved?

Moorman: I loved the book from the minute I read it and have always dreamed of bringing it to the Big Screen.

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