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Here Are the Christian Athletes to Watch at the Olympics

Doan grew up running and playing at Circle Square Ranch, a Christian camp for kids of all ages in Alberta, Canada, that his parents ran.

A career that included more than 1,500 games comes with its share of ups and downs.  Doan said he always relied on God through both. He writes Romans 8:28 on all his hockey sticks: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

“I talked to my family and my wife about my struggles,” he says. “They reminded me that in all things, God works for good. I mean, even if I have no points, God is still in control of everything. When I finally started to grasp that, it kind of took the pressure off, because it had been building to the point where I didn’t enjoy playing as much anymore. So I decided that even if I score no more goals for the rest of my career, God is still working for the good of those who love him and seek his purpose.”

During his career Doan was awarded the King Clancy Trophy for leadership and humanitarian contributions and the Mark Messer NHL Leadership Award.

Gigi Marvin is playing in her third Olympics as part of the USA women’s hockey team. She won silver medals in Vancouver and Sochi and is hoping for the elusive gold in PyeongChang. But for 30-year-old Marvin, winning on the ice is not the whole mission. “My mission is more than winning another medal or championship,” she told FCA Magazine. “It’s about sharing Christ and leading others to him.”

Gigi Marvin Christian Athletes

In addition to two Olympic silvers, five world championship golds, and being a former star player for the University of Minnesota, Marvin doesn’t let her hockey success define her. “I know my worth is not found in what I can achieve in this game,” she said. “Instead, my identity and value is only found in Christ, my Redeemer and Lord.”

Marvin says her worship is in the Lord and not in her performance.

Christian Athletes Fill USA Bobsleds

The USA women’s bobsled team includes two Christians.

Lolo Jones is a track and field sensation. She competed in the 100 meter hurdles in the Beijing games. She was favored in that event but stumbled on the next to last hurdle and finished seventh. Jones was recruited to the sport of bobsledding after the 2012 London Games.  

Lolo Jones Christian Athletes

Jones said she has relied on her faith to get through the difficult times, like stumbling over a hurdle. “I had to constantly remind myself, ‘When I am weak, He is strong,'” Jones said about her relationship with Jesus. “I’m really telling myself, ‘I can’t do this in my own strength.’ Even the Word says it’s not by your strength, it’s by God.”

Jones leaves her athletic career up to God:

“If He chooses to bless me, He gets all the glory,” Jones said. “That’s what I’m really trying to rely on right now. I literally have nothing else. I’m in such a bad position right now from the injuries that literally I’m in a position where God gets all the glory.”

Jones is the team’s brakewoman.

Elana Meyers-Taylor is competing in her third Olympics. She won a silver with the USA women’s bobsled team at the Sochi games and a bronze in Vancouver.

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