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Bishop Michael Curry: Love Could Bring Heaven to Earth

There has also been no shortage of comments pointing out Markle’s biracial American heritage compared to Prince Harry’s very European, very British heritage, but Curry didn’t want to dwell on these facts. In an interview before the wedding, Curry admitted “different worlds are being brought together,” but at the same time, “we’re already related; we’re part of God’s family.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (who officiated the wedding), was a little more interested in the two family histories of Markle and Prince Harry coming together. He saw it as a picture of Christianity. “The great miracle of Christian faith is that in Christ every difference that builds barriers is broken down. And that’s just such a beautiful thing,” Welby told reporters.

Others pointed to the beautiful picture the Christian wedding ceremony is of the bride of Christ being reunited, mind, body, soul and spirit, with Jesus. The marriage ceremony in heaven is what comes to mind for many of us when we think of heaven, and Curry’s sermon certainly touched on heaven.



Considering the broader audience that tuned in to view the wedding, it’s encouraging that Curry was as pointed as he was in his remarks about Jesus. And it’s a pleasure to see a wedding viewed by this many people around the world pointing to and reminding people of Christ.

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