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Eugene Cho: ‘My Assignment Here at Quest Is Complete’

Pastor Eugene Cho

Pastor Eugene Cho is stepping down as lead pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, Washington, citing a need for new leadership at the church, concern that he isn’t completely fulfilling all of his obligations, and some minor health issues.

Cho has led Quest Church since 2000. His resignation will be effective September 30.

In a letter to the church, Cho insists he isn’t burned out: “I am as passionate and committed as ever to the person and mission of Jesus; to the whole Gospel.” But he also feels that “my assignment here at Quest is complete and believe it’s now time for new leadership with fresh vision, passion and energy to take Quest deeper and further in its mission.”

He also feels convicted that his roles at Quest and his ministry, One Day’s Wages, have forced other pastors on the Quest staff to take on his responsibilities, “which simply isn’t fair to them, our staff and to the church,” he writes.

He told his congregation that there is “no grave urgency” to his health but his ulcer has returned causing him “to embrace a season of slowing down to prepare for the marathon of leadership and discipleship.”

Cho says he will continue in a part-time role at One Day’s Wages and will not be taking another church staff position in Seattle but is open to God’s leading in the future.

“For the foreseeable future, we hope to maintain our presence in Seattle. Minhee (Cho’s wife) will continue her practice as a therapist, and I will continue my part-time role at One Day’s Wages. In this next season of my life, I am grateful to be able to be more intentional about investing and encouraging churches, nonprofits, pastors, leaders and missionaries throughout the world. Also, to finally write that second book and keep working on my handles and jump shot.”

Cho also wrote that he and his wife will not be attending the church after September 30 “out of respect for the new pastor,” but his children intend to continue viewing Quest as their home church.