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Simon Sinek: Leaders, You Are Playing an Infinite Game

Rivals are often mistaken with enemies. Those who must be defeated. But Sinek said that’s the view of those playing a finite game.

He said you can have rivals within your organization who push you and make you better. You can have tactical rivals, other companies that can help you improve your product and existential rivals, those whose entire worldview is opposite of yours. God and Satan is an example he used.

“They remind us what the opposite looks like,” Sinek said. “They remind you of the importance of your work.

Simon Sinek Asks GLS18 “Are You Willing to Jeopardize Your Organization?”

4) Existential flexibility

Is the goal of your organization worth changing everything, possibly jeopardizing the short-term health of your company?

Sinek told the story of Steve Jobs throwing his company into upheaval by ditching the Apple III computer after seeing, and stealing, the mouse button created by Xerox.  

When told the change would blow up his company Jobs responded, “Better we should blow it up than someone else.”

Jobs was willing to reorganize, jeopardizing his company in the short term, in pursuit of doing the right thing over the long haul.

5) Courage

Sinek pointed out that it takes courage to do any of those things, but it is through them that leaders can be prepared to compete and win the infinite games.

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