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North Point Church ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Safety, Won’t Reopen This Year

I was looking in the faces of people that had risked their life to save my life. When you think about Jesus saying “There’s no greater love than this: that someone would lay down their life for a friend”, I think from now on, every time we think about doctors and nurses, that’s what we’re going to think about.

The couple also mentioned the lengths their family and friends went to to support Stuart and the rest of their family, who was quarantined at home. Stuart said “friend prayed and loved me home” and that he was “humbled and grateful for that sacrifice.”

Love Your Neighbor; Wear a Mask

Stanley asked Hall to share their thoughts on the fact that a lot of elements about the virus have been politicized in the United States. “It’s incredibly disrespectful to the medical community, men and women who are risking their own life to save lives—to save strangers! That’s the thing I hope and pray we can get,” Stuart said. 

Stuart believes the situation reveals a fundamental character flaw that America is plagued by. “We have a difficult time considering other people before ourselves,” he posited. Stanley interjected at this point, saying that while that flaw is “certainly American”, it may also be “universal.” 

“The bottom rung of our humanity,” Stuart argued, is to “put a mask on.” He admonished those watching to, “care about your neighbor.” 

Then Stuart spoke more specifically about the spiritual lessons he and Kellee learned during their ordeal. “We’ve made an idol out of certainty.” In reality, though, the only certainty is Jesus, who is “the same yesterday, today, and forever,” as the writer of Hebrews says. “He doesn’t say your circumstances are [the same yesterday, today, and forever], doesn’t say your marriage will be, doesn’t say your health will be, doesn’t say your children will be, doesn’t say your country will be, doesn’t say the economy will be.” Jesus is the only constant, Stuart emphasized. “Why would I lean my life on anything but him?” 

In conclusion, Stanley asked Stuart to look into the camera and address the viewers with his take away from the whole experience. Stuart said:

“Your love for Jesus doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be true. If you’re not a follower of Jesus, would you consider what it is you’re leaning your life up against. If you are a follower, how much are you trusting him?” Then he asked those watching to lean the full weight of their existence on him.

You can watch the whole story of Stuart and Kellee’s experience in the video below.