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Luci Swindoll Dead at 88 After Contracting COVID-19

Luci Swindoll

Luci Swindoll died on October 20, 2020 at the age of 88. Her death was a result of complications after contracting COVID-19. She is the older sister of popular evangelical preacher and author Charles (Chuck) Swindoll.

The popular Christian book Wide My World, Narrow My Bed on singleness was written by Luci in 1982. It was the first of more than half dozen books she would write over her life. The book was written after she asked God, “I’d like to do something significant with my life, and would you open that door for me….and tell me ‘This is it.’ ” Later that night at a party hosted by her brother Chuck, she was introduced to the president of Multnomah Publishing who asked her to write a book on being single.

Swindoll was single her entire life. In her memoir I Married Adventure she writes that her father said, “You can go anywhere you want to go, achieve anything you like, you just have to line up your desires with the Lord’s and go. You have to take a few risks and head out.” Luci said, “There is no doubt I’ve missed many joys and advantages from not having a spouse and family. Nevertheless, I would still choose the life I’ve known. If the Lord took me today, I wouldn’t look back regretting I never married.”

She expressed what she would regret, “I might might look back regretting I didn’t climb Mount Everest or spend a week in a submarine or become a translator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

You are never alone…God is with you. – Luci’s Father

She almost got married due to peer pressure from her friends and mother. After dating a Christian boy and going steady she accepted an engagement ring the summer before she started college. In her memoir she recalls how her heart was torn accepting the ring because she didn’t love this young man as one should in marriage, but she wanted to please her mother. It only took Luci three months on her college campus to realize her dreams were not her mother’s and she called off the engagement.

Luci took a role in over 30 operas at the Dallas Civic Opera and worked 30 years for Mobil Oil in Dallas, Texas. She joined the launch of the women’s counterpart to Promise Keepers that was called Women of Faith in 1996. Mary Graham, Patsy Clairmont, Thelma Well, Shelia Walsh, and Marilyn Meberg all sat on stage, like a front porch setting, and spoke honestly to the crowds of women about life’s struggles and what God had done in their lives.

In an interview with LIFE Today, Swindoll said that legalism is the worst thing that has ever happened to the church. She said, “I spent a number of years being in a legalistic denomination that caused me to have to behave, and look the right way, and dress the right way, and never miss Sunday school or I would be condemned in one way or another.” She came to the realization that God deals “with Grace…He loves me simply because He loves me…He loves each of us, because He cannot help Himself, it’s who He is. (That) set me free to be who I really am.”

Chuck Swindoll Shared on Twitter

Her brother Chuck shared on Twitter a couple days after her death saying, “1) To all who have reached out regarding my sister, Luci, and her passing on October 20, thank you. Your kindness means so much to our family. We will have a special “Celebration of Life” in her honor in 2021, after the pandemic has ended—date to be announced. 2) My sister and I were very close, I loved her deeply, and I grieve her death. But I am comforted, knowing she is now relieved of all earthly trials. Relief softens the harsh blows of grief. Thank you for your caring words of compassion and your ongoing prayers of support.”

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