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Not Desiring God–John Piper’s Son Criticizes His Upbringing to 925k TikTok Followers

Abraham Piper
Photo of Abraham Piper via TikTok: @abrahampiper. Photo of John Piper courtesy of Micah Chiang, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Well-known Desiring God‘s founder, theologian, and Bethlehem Baptist Church‘s retired pastor John Piper has something in common with his son Abraham Piper. The younger Piper is almost as influential on social media as his father is, but they don’t preach the same message. 

Abraham Piper is one of five children who grew up in the household that taught biblical values, but that didn’t guarantee the biblical truth he learned growing up became his own faith. In fact, in Abraham’s case he has created a following and uses his platform to speak out against the gospel message his father preaches.

Abraham Piper was excommunicated from Bethlehem Baptist Church when he was 19, because he wanted to stop pretending that he was a Christian. Four years later, he returned to the church after as he put it: “God made it possible for me to love Jesus” after reading the book of Romans one day. He has since walked away.

The deconstructionist has over 925k followers on TikTok. That’s almost as many followers as his father John Piper has on Twitter (over 1 million). Abraham’s focus is geared toward debunking Christianity and the truth of the Bible. His page is filled with a plethora of videos with titles such as “Almost nobody believes in a literal hell,” “Why life would be pointless if there was ultimate meaning,” “The Bible says having kids isn’t a good idea,” What I replace Christianity with,” and “If you still live with evangelical parents.”  [*Warning you can fall down the rabbit hole watching his videos and lose your entire day.]

One of the most popular videos he has posted is from February of this year, and it has been viewed over 866k times: “It’s weird to make kids read the Bible.” Abraham asks, then vulgarly explains, “You wanna know one of the silliest things about being raised devoutly evangelical?” His answer, “Children are expected to read the Bible.”


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Resembling his father’s wit, he says, “If that doesn’t seem weird to you, stick with me for a second…You might think of the Bible as ‘for God so loved the world‘ or that one emotionally lucid moment Paul had when he wrote about love and now everyone reads it at their weddings…but those are the boring parts…to a kid anyways.”