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Meet Shane Vaughn, Mississippi Pastor and Star of Viral ‘if Trump does not concede’ Video

Shane Vaughn
Shane Vaughn, founder of First Harvest Ministries in Mississippi. Courtesy photo

RNS) — Brother Shane Vaughn, a “small-town Mississippi preacher” turned viral video star, believes President Donald Trump will serve a second term as president, starting in January.

It just might take a little time.

“I truly believe in the bottom of my heart that Donald Trump will be our next president,” said Vaughn, co-founder of First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi.

A few days after the election, Vaughn, a self-described constitutionalist and history buff, posted a short video on Facebook, outlining what could happen if President Trump continues to dispute the election.

In the seven-minute video, recorded on Vaughn’s cellphone from a rented Jeep in a Cincinnati, Ohio, parking lot, the pastor claims that if the election results are not certified by states, then the fate of the election falls into the hands of the House of Representatives, a process found in the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.

“This has happened twice in history,” Vaughn said in the video. “I got a feeling it’s fixing to happen again.”

Vaughn told Religion News Service in a phone interview that he posted the video to provide hope to supporters of his ministry, which he said reaches a few thousand people every week online.

“I just made that video with absolutely no intention of anybody seeing it to be honest with you except our little circle,” said Vaughn.

So far the video has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube, Facebook and other social media. Vaughn said that its views top 10 million.

The video earned a fact check from USA TODAY, which rated the video as “missing context.”