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John MacArthur: World Appears to Be Perfectly Suited for the Antichrist to Come

MacArthur continued, “This suits the world of Antichrist. As you look at the book of Revelation, there’s the mark of the beast, the number, and if you don’t have that, you don’t buy…you don’t sell…you don’t exist.”

“Everything about you they know,” he said, ” the people who have access to all your data. They know all of it. You can go out of existence virtually any moment somebody decides that. This is the kind of world that appears to be perfectly suited for the Antichrist to come…bring a certain amount of peace, the world falls at his feet. He is the instrument of Satan, and of course all hell breaks loose…and in the time of the great tribulation, God’s judgement comes, at the end of which Christ returns.”

MacArthur: Jesus’ Second Coming is Sooner Than Ever Before

Being clear he wasn’t predicting that Jesus was coming soon, the pastor said, “He’s coming sooner than He’s ever been before.”

“The Bible says in the ‘end times’ there will be lawlessness. And there is lawlessness and an escalating lawlessness and an effort to create more lawlessness by taking restraints away.” MacArthur described what the Antichrist looks like in the Book of Revelation saying, “This is a world that could find itself in such absolute chaos that the right satanic leader who promises to fix everything could be given the title of king of the world.”

Christ could return at any hour, and the pastor shared that many years ago he thought there were signs of Christ’s return was going to happen then, “but it seems this is the world that we never knew could exist,” he said.

MacArthur continued: “We have the kind of weaponry that could destroy a third of the population, a fourth of the population, as you see in the book of Revelation. We have the kind of technology that can literally erase people out of existence. So, it’s just up to us to be sure that we’re looking at the signs of the times.”

“We have to be aware that we aren’t being told the truth…and that’s not surprising is it? Satan is a liar. He establishes his kingdom on lies,” he said. MacArthur then took questions from the congregation.

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