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Dr. Tony Evans: Critical Race Theory? God Is Calling Us to ‘Kingdom Race Theology’

Dr. Tony Evans: ‘God Is Not Colorblind’

Pointing to Revelation 7:9, Evans says, “God is not colorblind, but he doesn’t want us to be blinded by color. He doesn’t want our hue to define our relationship.” He continues, “We’re supposed to be different, but [John] says Christ is supposed to be all in all.” When someone decides to live by the rules of God’s kingdom, says Evans, then “you become part of one new man.”

As an analogy, he points to an orchestra warming up, with discord and noise—until the conductor comes out and takes control. “What was noise is now a song,” says Evans, even though a wide variety of instruments are still being played. Though the world may want to keep creating discord, he says, “in the kingdom of God, we’re playing his song, and you can use your own racial instrument as long as you’re playing his song.”

Move Forward Without Ignoring History

Dr. Tony Evans clarifies that he isn’t telling people of color to pretend that injustices haven’t occurred. “You don’t skip those stories,” he says. “But you must move forward to one new man. That’s where God calls us to go” in KRT. The pastor also notes that the Bible “makes it clear racism…not racial differences, is to never be tolerated” and that addressing racism “must always be done with the biblical principle of love.”

In a December 2020 statement, Evans affirmed that “the Bible must be the basis for analyzing any and all social, racial or political theories in order to identify what is legitimate or what is not legitimate.” He added, “I have long taught that racism, and its ongoing repercussions, are real and should be addressed intentionally, appropriately and based on the authority of God’s inerrant Word.”

Evans, author of “Oneness Embraced,” said in his July 14 message that he’s currently updating that 2015 book “in light of all that has occurred in our culture over the last couple of years.” The expected release date is January 2022.