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Former Worship Leader Michael Gungor Ignites Twitter With ‘Christ’ Comment; Labeled a Heretic

“For me, all religions are technologies—they are as useful as we make them. And by themselves, they are no more ‘true”’or useful than a hammer or a saw. So quoting verses of ‘holy text’ to me as though I should agree with your interpretation probably won’t elicit my engagement.”

The cheerful, well-spoken musician read another person’s comment aloud that told him “This is completely heresy,” to which Gungor responded, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

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The Liturgists

The Liturgists website explains it was founded as a result of Gungor’s and Mike McHargue’s friendship. Two guys that “both grew up in conservative Christian churches, and both lost their faith as adults — and they both rediscovered spirituality through philosophy and mysticism.” After realizing they shared similar religious experiences, they were frustrated by the “anti-science and socially regressive stances of mainstream American Christianity.” So they founded and started The Liturgists in order to produce “thoughtful, evocative art for the spiritually homeless and frustrated,” which they have been doing since 2014.

McHargue left in 2019 and shared with ChurchLeaders he is not involved with The Liturgists or Michael Gungor in any way.

“Everything The Liturgists do is about creating space for those recovering from spiritual trauma, and lifting up traditionally marginalized people as full and equal members of humanity,” the site says.

What Does ‘Christ’ Mean?

The name “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, which means “anointed one.” The equivalent Hebrew word for “anointed one” is Mashiach which means “Messiah.” Translated “Jesus the Messiah” or “Jesus the Anointed One” identified Jesus to those looking for the Messiah mentioned in the Old Testament passages like Daniel 9:25-26, Isaiah 32:1, and Isaiah 61:1. There is only one Christ mentioned in the Bible, and his name is Jesus.