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Ed Stetzer: Don’t Confuse Military Action With the Mission of God

Let’s not miss the full gravity of this disaster. The danger to many Afghans, to religious minorities and to international soldiers cannot be lost in sorting through the politics back home.

Yet, now as the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghan retreat has failed, we need to resist compounding this failing with using Scripture as a shield. Equating American presence, even if it is the right political, diplomatic and humanitarian decision, with a divine mission is a dangerous pathway.

I love the word of God and have been shaped as a Christian by Isaiah 6:8. But in using this verse from Isaiah in the context of a military response, the president served the military poorly, framed the American cause inaccurately and ultimately did more harm than good.

As the Christian church looks to respond to the situation in Afghanistan, it is important to take hold of this text in the correct light. The mission of God is a recurring theme that conveys God’s heart for this world. Throughout Scripture, he is a seeking and sending God (Jn 20:21). No distance, nor power nor principality will ever stop God and his church.

It is to this mission — not the mission of military campaigns, political allegiances or earthly power — that the Lord calls us.

This article originally appeared on Religion News Service.