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Gungor Announces New Music: ‘Worship for the Heretics’

Worship for the Heretics, Outcasts, Questioners, and Mystics

Gungor went on to explain that his understanding of what worship is has evolved over time.

“When I say ‘worship,’ I’m not talking about the shamey, homage-paying to some other being somewhere else, but the experience of love and connection that can happen when people get together and sing to their Source. For me, the truest worship is simply and fully loving what is,” Gungor wrote. “And with that lens, I don’t think worship should just be for church folks. It shouldn’t just be for those who believe this thing or that. Worship is for everyone.”

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To that end, Gungor announced that the band will “try making some worship music again that would be enjoyable for people who might not fit the traditional religious boxes like us. Worship for the heretics and the outcasts. The questioners and the mystics.”

“For years, the idea of worship had been tinged with shame for me. I ran from it so hard. Spent so much time, energy, and money trying to be seen as someone who was not just a worship leader,” Gungor wrote. “But as hard as I tried, I could never actually run away from my very heart.”

The first two singles of Gungor’s new album, “Feel The Moment” and “Everything Is Hallelujah,” are available now.

Gungor’s Full Announcement 

Read Gungor’s full Twitter announcement below.

Sometimes you have to leave the house to find home, and I’ve certainly done my fair share of moving houses. From the “Friend of God” early 2000’s version of worship leader Michael Gungor, to the “let’s learn how to use Pro Tools” Michael Gungor Band, to the “oh no, I’m not sure God is real” of early Gungor, to the “I don’t want to sing about Jesus anymore” universalism of the last few years of Gungor, it was quite the journey. We saw a lot. We felt a lot. And eventually, we felt like we needed to lay it all down and walk away to make room for something new. 

Since then, we’ve stayed busy. People who were a core part of the collective of Gungor went on to do some amazing things and play with some incredible artists. Lisa and I made solo projects under different monikers. Lisa wrote a book and started a retreat. I’ve been making a bunch of podcasts, trying to survive a pandemic, and spending a ton of money on therapy while doing a lot of soul searching about what it is that I want to spend my life and my creative energy on. 

And through all of it, here’s what I’ve discovered: I really love God. 

More than anything. In fact, God is, in a way, the only thing I love because I see God as love. It is God I love when I love my girls. It is God I love when I let go to experience the fullness of the sensations, pleasures, and desires of being alive in and as a body. And when I think about what I want to spend my creative energy on, it’s expressing and enjoying the full spectrum of my love of God. 

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